New Performance Center Offers Impeccable Training


At the new CRYO850 Performance and Recovery Center Performance Lab, you can now train with VisionBody Wireless EMS. Train your neuro skills like never before. From reaction time, inhibition, mental flexibility, eye-hand coordination and anticipation, immerse yourself in the future of training and elevate your performance with Reflexion. With VisionBody: Get the body you want; increase power, strength, speed and performance; works over 300 muscles simultaneously; 20 minutes twice a week.
Benefits include:

Cryo850 Student at Screen• EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) training targets multiple muscle groups simultaneously, resulting in efficient workouts that can save time compared to traditional training methods.
• Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, wireless EMS training can be adapted to your fitness level and goals, offering a versatile training option.
• The next generation wireless, dry suit allows for freedom of movement during workouts.

Now offering programs for strength training, fat burning or yoga flow! Visit CRYO850 to try out the new Performance Lab and book your spot today! CRYO850 memberships start as low as $99 a month with military discounts of 10%, spousal discounts of 15% and student discounts of 25%! Pre-register online. (850) 279-4145 | |