Summer Music Lessons at Studio 237


Studio 237 Music Lessons is offering lessons on piano, keyboards, guitar (acoustic, electric, and bass), ukulele, voice, and violin. During the summer, there is more room for flexibility for the student to choose days and weeks that fit best with their needs. Teachers have provided the studio with their available times and are excited to help people of all ages develop their unique musical passion and skills. We are also open in the summer Monday through Friday.

Unlike our spring and winter semesters, the summer semester is a more relaxed and carefree time of learning without the added stress of daily school and sports activities. As a result, we have created some idea packages below for you to consider:

The Basics package is for those who desire to attend their lesson once a week (for the weeks of your availability) as a continuation of lessons, an opportunity to try a new instrument, a refresher of previous skills, or even a sort of advanced class such as learning riffs, scales, and new performance techniques for already accomplished performers. Those who might have an audition coming up for this fall would benefit greatly from a basics or the next package which is a master class.

Master Class is for those early intermediate to advanced players who desire to go to take their performances to the next level. This level may dive a little deeper into topics such as proper technique, theory as it applies to your instrument, practice, stage performance, songwriting, how to sing and play at the same time, balance, interpretation, understanding and feeling rhythm, developing your voice and/or style, focus, and memorization techniques. Master Class can be taken several times a week or as a weekly lesson concept.

A Taste of Music package is for those who would like to take a month’s worth of lessons in one week! No instrument, no worries, we have instruments here during the lesson for you to use. Some of our students started this way. Beginners will begin learning how to play an instrument or instruments for several days in an entire week (two or as many as five days). This is a great way to discover your interest and reveal what you may be in for if you desire to continue lessons in the fall semester.

Let us help you shape your package to fit your summertime schedule. There are a multitude of options to meet your needs such as taking a 30, 45, or 60-minute lesson as many times a week as you desire beginning when you are ready in June and/or July. You may take lessons on one, two, or more different instruments. There are instruments that tend to complement each other such as voice lessons along with piano or guitar/ukulele.

Available teachers this summer: (Lessons are paused during the week of July 4.)
Mary Kate Cary: voice and beginner piano lessons.
Don Dirkin Jr.: electric lead guitar and acoustic guitar,
Helmut Dimmel: piano
Linda Chung: violin, viola
Scott Gilmore: (June only) classical or acoustic guitar and ukulele, songwriting for kids.
Gregg Shapiro: bass guitar and beginner guitar.

Call us to reserve your special time. To view our teachers’ bios, visit Call (850) 231-3199 or (850) 797-3546 or email