35th Annual ArtsQuest Fine Arts Festival Winners


The 35th annual ArtsQuest Fine Arts Festival in Grand Boulevard’s Town Center brought great artwork and talented people to the area. This year’s winners were:

Best In Show: Curtis Whitwam
2nd Place: Ricky Steele
3rd Place: Paul Shampine
Award of Excellence: Donna Guidry
Award of Excellence: John Townsend
Award of Excellence: Justin Gaffrey
Judges Choice: Cricket Flowers
Judges Choice: Loran Chavez
Judges Choice: Renee Broxson
Award of Merit: Holly Vaughn
Award of Merit: Robin Renee Hix
Award of Merit: Alan (X.L.) Lin
Best Booth: Wanda Azzario-Goldberg
CAA Members Tent Best In Show: Mindy McClendon, ‘Starting Where I Am’

Elementary School:
1st: Karsen Mills, 4th grade, Dune Lakes
2nd: Harlow Pryor, 5th Grade, Dune Lakes
3rd: Everly Glenister, 2nd grade, Dune Lakes
Middle School:
1st: Will Ludwig, 7th grade, Freeport Middle School
2nd: Tommy Ruble-Fields, 8th grade, ECMS
3rd: Christina Summers, 7th grade, Freeport Middle School
High School:
1st: Avery Villa, 11th grade, South Walton High School
2nd: Arya Desai, 10th grade, South Walton High School
3rd: Emma Minton, South Walton High School
1st: Keely Sims, Junior, Northwest Florida College