Helping Develop Wisdom Workplaces On the Emerald Coast and Beyond


Dr. Jeff and Robin Cerny of C12 Emerald CoastBy Dr. Jeff and Robin Cerny

Currently, there is much confusion and strife in our world. In uncertain and trying times, people seek guidance and understanding. So, what would you think if we stated that what we really need is WAR for our time?

The WAR we are referring to though is Wisdom and Revelation.

What exactly is wisdom and where do we find wisdom? There are two types of wisdom noted in James 3:13-18.

Earthly wisdom refers to knowledge and understanding that is acquired through personal experience and observation of the physical world. It is limited to the things that can be perceived by the senses and is subject to change and therefore error.

In Ephesians 1:16-18 the apostle Paul asks the God of our Lord Jesus Christ to give believers the spirit of wisdom and revelation so that they can have a deeper knowledge and understanding of God. Godly wisdom refers to wisdom that is derived from a spiritual perspective, beyond what can be perceived by the physical senses. It comes from above and is rooted in a deeper understanding of the spiritual realm. This wisdom is more insightful and absolute since it is based on divine knowledge and is not subject to change or error.

Our revelation is knowing the difference between earthly and Godly wisdom and walking accordingly. This wisdom and revelation provide divine insight and discernment to those who humbly ask.

C12 Emerald Coast serves Business Leaders in helping develop “Wisdom Workplaces” on the Emerald Coast and beyond. As in Ephesians 2:10, we seek to apply biblical principles for purposeful and profitable businesses, lives and communities. We conduct monthly business forums of peer advisors that are guided by a proven C12 framework to both encourage and challenge one another to make better decisions, avoid costly mistakes and create wise plans for growth.