Studio 237 Music School: Heart Strings


By Lisa Cyr

“I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music.”
– Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein loved to play violin. In the same way that each person is unique, each musical instrument has a unique attractiveness. Love at first sight becomes love at first sound. Like a relationship, one must spend concentrated time with their instrument developing a friendship and working out problems. The time spent together seem like minutes, your instrument takes you away from all the cares of life, and becomes an extension of your innermost thoughts and feelings. And then you are in love.

Have you ever heard your inner self whisper, “I can see myself playing guitar,” or “I just love to hear the sound of the violin or string instruments?” That’s because the sound of certain instruments pulls at your heartstrings.

“The piano is able to communicate the subtlest universal truths by means of wood, metal, and vibrating air.” – Kenneth Miller

“I was 4 years old, when my parents moved into a home overlooking a lake in Massachusetts. Left behind was an old piano in the basement. The moment I pushed down on each key, I was drawn to the instrument. I joyfully realized that the combination of tones created an infinite possibility of creative sound, expression, and compositions. It was love at first sound and a love affair that has never ended.” – Lisa Cyr

“I love the guitar for its harmony; it is my constant companion in all my travels.” – Niccolo Paganini

There is nothing quite like watching a masterful guitarist perform from his/her heart. They have spent a large portion of their life pouring over their guitar. When they play with others, their music touches your soul and you observe in awe the manifestation of miraculous melodies, chord progressions, and voicing. That is the moment when you shed a tear. Tears of happiness, sadness, and revelation which are often life changing.

“Sing again, with your dear voice revealing a tone of some world far from ours, where music and moonlight and feeling are one.” – Percy Bysshe Shelley

The voice is by far the most intimate and unique of all instruments because it resides within the person. The combination of words, tone, and notes evoke great emotion and memorable moments in time. We all have those favorite songs that were performed at weddings, graduations, reunions, proms, dedications, marriage proposals, first dance etc. The singer literally breathes life into their song, which is probably why music is breathtaking. Everyone is born with a voice!  Next time you are alone in your car, free yourself up by bursting your thoughts into song!

“Rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.” – Plato

“My musical journey began when I was 14 years old. I was sick in bed with my window open and in great despair. All of a sudden, I heard the sounds of music. I rushed down the stairs, and into the street. I was compelled to find where the sounds were coming from. It was a parade! I was walking along side the drum line. A drum corp director approached me and said, ‘We need another drummer, can you help us?’ That moment charted the course of my life as a professional drummer. All across the U.S., I have had the opportunity to help people dance to my drum beat. For me, percussion instruments are the heartbeat of life.”  – Raymond Cyr

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