Reigniting the Spirit of Freedom


By Doug Stauffer

America, the beautiful birthed in 1776,
Immediately the world their focus did affix.
Yet, with two hundred forty-six years now past,
It’s time to be born again for America to last.
Through wars and tumults, patriots braved,
The voices against tyranny constantly raised.
An adage of old, from Benjamin Franklin’s quill,
“Rebellion to tyrants remains obedience still.”
In this era of idols of comfort and wealth,
The goal is destruction of America’s spiritual health,
Comforts and joy are not found in fleeting gold,
Nor in treasures that mere hands can hold.
Ensnared by Sodom, world philosophies aflame,
Straying from the founders’ wisdom without shame.
Traditional family values proudly cast away,
Beliefs that once guided our nation every day.
To the National Anthem, stand with pride,
To those who kneel, my respect denied.
For the stars and stripes, my pledge rings true,
A show of allegiance, steadfast and due.
I am an extremist, so they say,
For I love God, and to Him still pray.
I stand for the flag, with heart and soul,
In defense of freedom playing my role.
The 2nd Amendment, our rights to cherish,
Protection from tyranny must never perish.
I believe in the Constitution, stand strong and true,
Not to be rewritten but upheld, though by few.
In the pursuit of progress, let’s bridge the divide,
Finding common ground with love’s true guide.
For in unity, we’re strengthened, in division, we fall,
Let freedom’s true spirit inspire us all.