Peaceful Outdoor Sanctuaries


Stacy Sarikanon Decorators DenBy Stacy Sarikanon, Stunning Spaces–Decorating Den Interiors

As our patios and porches are becoming more sophisticated and refined, today’s homeowners are driven to find peaceful sanctuaries as a prescription for their stressful lives.

Creating your perfect outdoor space will be the result of the successful combination of many design elements – landscaping, stonework, carpentry, furnishings, lighting and accessories. Careful pre-planning will be the key to the creation of your personal sanctuary, so begin with creating your personal “wish list.” You might be amazed at how long this list might become!

Think about incorporating your year-round needs. Do you frequently entertain outdoors? Do you spend time outdoors in the evenings simply relaxing? Is an outdoor grilling season a year-round requirement for you? Do you enjoy planning simple family meals outdoors?

Once you’ve accessed your needs, then planning your outdoor space becomes much easier. Think about incorporating these simple ideas:

Girl enjoying early morning coffee on the garden sofa.1. Comfortable Furniture! This should be most important element in your design. Today’s outdoor furnishings have been manufactured to withstand all that Mother Nature can bestow. The age of folding, vinyl strapped furniture is definitely now obsolete. Many furniture pieces of today look identical to indoor furniture, but have been constructed and designed to stand up to all the outdoor elements.

2. Fabulous Fabrics! Outdoor fabrics come in an array of colors, design-oriented prints, and are durable. They feature gorgeous fabrics manufactured to resist fading from ultraviolet rays, mildewing from damp conditions, and odor absorption. It is just the ultimate outdoor upholstery or drapery fabric that will be used and enjoyed by your family for years. And of course, these outdoor fabrics are offered at Stunning Spaces – Decorating Den Interiors.

3. Let there be Light! Be sure to consider incorporating various types of lighting in your outdoor space design, just as you would inside your home. Landscape lighting, overhead lighting, ceiling fans, sconces and decorative side table lighting are all GREAT ideas. Develop a creative lighting plan to help you create a space with increased ambiance and functionality.

Remember to create a space that is perfect for you and your needs. This is a space where memories will be made. So, please consider it an important investment—both financially and emotionally.