Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Blessed Ramadan & Kwanzaa Greetings!


By Stacy Sarikanon, Stunning Spaces – Decorating Den Interiors

It’s the time of year when our families all come together to share our wonderful holidays. What better time to transform your home into its best celebration mode!

Here are but a few suggestions to give your home a cozy and festive glow:

  • Dress up the front door with a floral wreath or colorful holiday arrangement and light the walkway with luminaries or plenty of outdoor lighting.
  • The foyer deserves special attention since this is where the first impressions are made. The front hall must be welcoming with good lighting and perhaps a holiday arrangement on the hall table. Mirrors and candlelight will brighten a foyer nicely, and the perfect area rug can add a luxurious touch. Perhaps this is the year to consider an elegant wall covering in your entryway. Holidays are the time of year to display your most elaborate accessories in all their glitzy glory.
  • Since family and friends usually settle into the living or family room, careful attention should be paid to the arrangement of your furniture. Is the furniture grouped for the best conversational arrangement? Is there plenty of room to traverse the area? Are there easily accessible places for elderly guests to sit?
  • In the dining room, your goal should be a stimulating ambiance for dining, conversation and fun. Drape the table with festive holiday linens. For an enchanting combination, cover your table with two table cloths—a richly colored solid base cloth topped with a beautiful sheer cloth sprinkled with “sparkly things” appropriate for the holiday. The centerpiece should be special, but low-profiled since you don’t want it to be a detriment to conversation. Candlesticks are perfect. Mixing and matching your china and silver pieces can be a charming and eclectic way to enjoy those special heirlooms.
  • If your family likes to gather in the kitchen (and whose doesn’t?), make sure there are attractive accessories such as bowls of fruits, candies, pastries or flowers in view. Keep a kettle of Aroma Punch on your range top to provide that special holiday aroma throughout your home.
  • If you will have overnight guests, make them feel welcome by enhancing the guest room with fresh flowers. Holiday-themed throw pillows on the bed add a cozy dimension. A good reading light and water carafe by the bed are thoughtful touches. Remember to put out plush towels and extra toiletries for your guests.

There are dozens more ways to make your guests and family feel at home for the holidays. Put your own family’s customs into everything you do. Preparing to welcome friends to your home is a lot of fun, and ensures a memorable visit for you and your special guests.