Artist Applications and Sponsorships Open for Anchored in Freeport Art in Public Spaces Project


By Tracy Louthain

In partnership with the City of Freeport and Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County (CAA), a new project aims to place artistically decorated anchors around the city of Freeport. Building upon the City of Freeport’s history as a port city, the Anchored in Freeport Art in Public Spaces Project will place concrete anchor casts decorated by local artists throughout the city, creating a sense of place and added beauty. Conducted in partnership with the city of Freeport and the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County, the project aims to bring beautification and cultural enrichment to the fast-growing city.

Anchored in Freeport Art in Public Spaces ProjectThe population of Freeport has increased by 20.38% since the last census in 2020, and today more than 7,140 residents call Freeport home. Anchored in Freeport Art in Public Spaces project provides an opportunity to unite the growing community, foster collaboration, and strengthen the local economy.

The anchor represents Freeport’s heritage as a port city when settlers were attracted to the area’s natural harbors as a source of commerce and transportation. Through the project’s custom-made, one-of-a-kind anchors constructed locally by Castaways in Freeport, the Anchored in Freeport initiative will celebrate the area’s talented artists while creating a welcoming community for visitors and future residents.

Walton County artists or members of the CAA are invited to apply for participation in this program. Each selected artist will receive a stipend for art supplies and materials and will be featured along with their artwork on the CAA website, the City of Freeport Website, the project’s Facebook page, and on the printed map, featuring the artists and locations of all the anchors.

Walton County residents and businesses are invited to sponsor the project. There are three sponsorship levels ranging from $500 to $3,000. For more information on sponsorship or to sign up to participate as an artist, visit the CAA’s website at

Anchored in Freeport will complement other CAA Art in Public Spaces Programs (APSP), including the Monarch Art Trail, the public murals project and the Underwater Museum of Art.