Walton County School District Keeps Winter Chill at Bay with Epic Work


Superintendent A. Russell Hughes 
From Superintendent A. Russell Hughes

The winter weather chills did not deter the epic work produced by students and staff! We are proud to report our district ranked number two in the state, having moved from a ranking of 37th in seven short years. Because of the hard work of teachers and students, we can also report that our district schools were graded either an A or B school. There are no schools in the Walton County School District ranked any lower!

Our extracurricular programs continue to seek excellence in the arts. Our Walton County Schools music students and teachers attended the Florida Music Conference in January in Tampa. 14 of our WCSD students represented us at this event. In addition to the more than 250 sessions and concerts, FMEA hosts 23 All-State music ensembles under the direction of industry-leading clinicians and conductors.

The All-County Band presented a phenomenal show in January at Freeport High School. Student musicians from across the county came together to showcase their talents and provide an evening of music for the audience. Put this event on your calendar for next year if you missed it and look out for the event announcement to attend and support these wonderfully musically inclined students.

While the students were in rehearsal, music educators from across the District participated in professional development sessions to hone their skills and bring back cutting-edge skills and concepts in arts education. Congratulations to these EPIC students and their directors for their commitment to the development of the Whole Child.

Our wrestling, soccer, weightlifting and basketball programs are in season and are a part of rounding out our student participants. In addition to maintaining academic excellence and meeting practice engagements, varsity students must contribute time to a community project with their team and coaches to give back to the community that supports them. Take time to attend our sporting games and help support our student-athletes.

Superintendent Hughes met with senior high school students from across the county in a Senior Roundtable to hear from students what is working well and what might need improving or adding to our district opportunities. Those participating received a certificate and letter of recommendation, which students can add to their resumes. The round table is hosted yearly to give students a voice in their educational journey.

Our students are EPIC, because we have EPIC teachers and staff. In January at Walton High School, the annual Teacher of the Year and ESP (Educational Support Personnel) award ceremony was held to announce the winners in each category. Teacher and ESP nominees selected from each campus are chosen by district staff to represent Walton County in the state competition. We look forward to naming the district winners in our next update!

Walton County School District wants to hear from you! You can always reach out and ask questions through the Let’s Talk platform. This community digital tool automatically delivers your text questions to the appropriate personnel for a speedy reply. Text (850) 204- 9667 or click “contact us” on the WCSD webpage.