Update on Saving the Green Space at Bluewater Bay


By Barbara Palmgren

It is exciting to report to the community that Preserve Bluewater Bay, Inc., has submitted a purchase sales agreement with Bluewater Bay Development Venture to purchase the 150 acres of green space in Bluewater Bay. All parties have signed the agreement to buy the land. There is still a need for funds to reach the goal of $2.3 million by the projected closing date of not later than April 30.

Preserve Bluewater Bay (PBWB), a not-for-profit organization created by community members who want to save 150 acres of green space in Bluewater Bay that defines this special spot of paradise, previously set a goal of raising $2.3 million by April 30, 2024, in order to purchase the land and save it from developers. Officers and members of PBWB have worked tirelessly over the past months to raise funds. So far, they’ve raised over $2 million in pledges, and have been granted 501(c)(3) status, meaning that donations can be tax deductible.

Yes, you are almost there. Since Preserve Bluewater Bay, Inc., has been granted the non-profit 501C3 status, more residents are making the important decision to help Bluewater Bay. The “Hi Ho Sliver” campaign to extend property lines on the golf course for those who live on the golf course is also available as a way to become a serious and needed donor.

To receive specific information and become a part of realizing this American Dream, please attend any of the community update meetings at 6 p.m. held at the clubhouse at Bluewater Bay. The dates for these meetings are: April 9 and April 23.

The green space will be saved from further housing development and preserved for future generations, because a community is coming together with donations to sustain the area. I congratulate the leadership of Preserve Bluewater Bay, Inc., and all the donors for their tireless dedication to this unique community.

To those who have already pledged their commitment, thank you for your proactive support. To the rest of our community, we encourage you take advantage of this collective opportunity for preservation. Less than $300,000 is still needed to make this happen. With your help, we can cross the finish line!

Contact David Rauch at 850-865-0897 or visit “Welcome to Preserve Bluewater Bay | A Community Effort” at preservebwb.com to learn more and make a pledge.
Now, let’s go the extra mile and achieve this goal!