The Cherry on Top


Dr. Richard Chern, MD

I meet new people often and after the “What do you do?” a discussion about hormones typically occurs. From men I usually hear, “Well I don’t have a problem in that department.” And from women I hear that they are just fine without sex. These comments are to be expected, but still frustrate me.

I understand that hormones imply sex or sexual health. The truth is this is a minor part of what hormones do. Hormones regulate many processes in the body, and I would guess even most physicians don’t have a clue how beneficial hormones are in our bodies. I frequently have new patients tell me their doctor told them hormones are bad. They cause cancer and disease and should be avoided.

How does that even make sense? How many teenagers get cancer, have heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes? Teenagers are healthier than any other age group and happen to have the highest hormone levels of any age group. Doesn’t it sound a bit suspicious? Instead, disease starts when our hormones start leaving. After forty our hormones are already low enough to cause problems. After fifty they are pretty much gone. Guess what? That’s when we all start getting diseases and we start slowing down and gaining weight. That cancer, those heart attacks and strokes – they happen after the hormones are no longer there to protect us.

Well, that’s why I’m here. By adding bio-identical hormones we reduce disease. Sugar levels are higher in people with lower hormones. Blood pressure is higher in patients with low hormones. Breast cancer risk is higher in women who don’t have hormones. Prostate cancer is more severe in men without hormones. Osteoporosis is worse in women without hormones. Alzheimer’s occurs more frequently in people with low hormones. Heart attacks, strokes, and cholesterol are all worse without hormones. What else do you want to hear?

To me, it’s obvious that bio-identical hormones are beneficial for health. They reduce disease, reduce inflammation, and reduce all causes of mortality for both men and women. That’s why I started treating patients with bio-identical hormones over ten years ago. We are the largest clinic in the southeast and one of the largest in the country. We are the ones who train the other doctors. We have more experience, we treat more patients, and we have more success than nearly every other BioTE provider in the country.

Do bio-identical hormones help with libido? Yes. Do bio-identical hormones help with erectile dysfunction? Yes. But this is not the reason to come in and get treated. This is just the cherry on top.

Dr. Richard Chern, MD provides hormone therapy to men and women from across the country. He is also on staff at BioTE Medical and teaches hormone therapy to new providers including providers right here in our local area. Dr. Richard Chern, MD treats countless doctors, medical providers and first responders in the area as well. Dr. Richard Chern, MD is a platinum BioTE provider and runs one of the largest BioTE hormone clinics in the country right here in Miramar Beach. Call Dr. Richard Chern, MD today for an appointment at The Hormone Restoration Center at (850) 837-1271.