Sea Shul Ushers in New Beginnings and Readies for Hanukkah Traditions


Sea Shul tableSea Shul, a vibrant Jewish community nestled in Seaside, recently celebrated its first Rosh Hashanah holiday, drawing members and guests into a memorable experience of faith, unity and fresh starts. As the community advances in its mission, there’s a shared enthusiasm about the forthcoming Hanukkah event.

The Sea Shul community emerged from a dream shared by local visionaries who sensed a deep need for a spiritual haven in Walton County. What started as intimate Shabbat dinners evolved into larger gatherings, embedding the values of Jewish culture, community spirit and the beauty of shared beliefs.

The recent Rosh Hashanah celebrations marked a pivotal moment in Sea Shul’s journey. From soul-stirring melodies at the Erev Rosh Hashanah Potluck & Service in the Seaside Assembly Hall to a meditative session co-led by Rabbi Joshua Lesser and Melissa Davis during the Saturday Mindful Morning at the Seaside Pavilion, these moments amplified the core essence of the community’s spirit.

“This year’s Rosh Hashanah was a beautiful testament to our community’s strength and commitment,” said Ortal Shaya Montoya, volunteer chairperson of Sea Shul’s Religious Services Committee. “The turn-out and energy only strengthen our resolve to continue cultivating an environment where everyone feels welcome.”

Sea Shul isn’t just about religious observance; it’s a growing hub for spiritual enlightenment, learning and connection. The organization’s emphasis on creating an inclusive environment where every voice matters is evident in their events and outreach activities.

“As our membership flourishes, it’s a thrilling chapter for Sea Shul,” said Lori Askinazi, a Sea Shul founding member serving on the Membership Committee. “The launch of our monthly ‘Coffee and Conversation’ meet-ups is more than just an event; it’s a chance for our growing community to bond and inspire.”

With the promise of the upcoming Hanukkah event, Sea Shul continues to beckon members and those interested in joining the organization to partake in its vision.

“Anticipating the glow of the Hanukkah menorah, we’re weaving together age-old traditions with fresh, innovative experiences,” said Ilisa Eichenbaum, volunteer chairperson of the Events Committee for Sea Shul. “This Hanukkah isn’t just a celebration; it’s an embodiment of community spirit and a promise of brighter days. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a memorable festivity that resonates with both heart and heritage.”

For those interested in joining or supporting the community’s efforts or for more information about the Hanukkah event and other upcoming activities, please visit

About Sea Shul

Established in 2023, Sea Shul stands as a pioneering Jewish congregation nestled in the heart of Seaside, Florida. With the honor of being the first shul in Walton County, its inception was driven by a passionate vision to bridge the gap in the region’s spiritual landscape. Sea Shul’s mission transcends mere religious observance. It thrives on the ideals of nurturing a kehilla, a sacred community bonded by shared experiences, spiritual enlightenment, and the joys of friendship. Serving not just 30A but the broader Walton County community, Sea Shul aspires to be a beacon of warmth, unity, and spiritual growth. For more insights and to become a part of this blossoming congregation, visit