Meet Local Pros David and Dr. Jessica Monteleone P.T. M.S. Ph.D.


Wholistic Therapy at Home: An Integrative Approach to Health That Works

Owners and operators David and Dr. Jessica Monteleone, P.T. M.S. Ph.D., have been providing physical therapy and health education to Freeport, the Emerald Coast and beyond for more than 40 years.

Dr. Jessica MonteleoneYou may recognize Dr. Jess’ face as the previous Health Awareness Committee Chairman of the Walton Area Chamber of Commerce or from her previous position at her business as the owner and operator of South Walton Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation that was located in Santa Rosa Beach. You might have recognized her as the Master of Ceremony for Christian International Business Network, or the owner of Quick and Fit circuit training gyms in Walton County. That was a while back. In 2009, circumstances tore the Monteleones away from this area. But, now they have been called back to fulfill a need in our communities.

Dr. Jess found out early in her career as physical therapist and owner of South Walton PT, that therapeutic exercise alone did not fix the health of an individual. She then pursued and received a Master’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition. Furthering her education even more, she earned a Doctorate Degree in Natural Health.

Now operating Wholistic Therapy at Home, Dr. Jess offers an integrative approach to health. Her greatest love is working with individuals where they live, tweaking their everyday living experience to reduce pain, increase strength and to ultimately improve their quality of life while on this journey at home or on vacation.

She will come to you! Dr. Jess utilizes tools of the trade including a comprehensive evaluation which encompasses treatment during the first visit. This may include muscle work, massage, red light therapy or incorporate therapeutic ultrasound, electrical stimulation, ergonomics, personal education, home safety assessment or possibly exercise.

Why so many tools of trade? “We have found that inflammation is the cause for most disease,” said Dr. Jess. “These high-tech, quality modalities and interventions will treat at the cellular level. One approach is helpful. Many wellness modalities may bring a synergistic approach to improve an overall health.”

Lifestyle management is an important aspect of overall healthy living. If requested, Dr. Jess will help incorporate an eating plan that will support your health challenges that work for you. We all know that diets don’t work for the long haul, however healthy lifestyle choices certainly do.

To further pursue your healthy journey, contact Wholistic Therapy at Home through the website at You can also e-mail or text Dr. Jess at 850-974-0970 to schedule your free 15-minute consultation to initiate your transition to better health.