Family Room Fun


Stacy Sarikanon Decorators DenBy Stacy Sarikanon, Stunning Spaces–Decorating Den Interiors

Family rooms, by their very name are for the family! And when most of us think of family, we think of relaxation and fun, as well as informal settings for carefree entertaining. This is a room in which we can truly “let our hair down.” It demands space for our hobbies, be they reading, watching TV or needlework. It also calls for some imaginative planning, so all members of the family feel that this is truly “their” room.

Believe it or not, the concept of family rooms has been around for centuries. Many years ago, they were called second parlors, and allowed families to informally entertain while the front parlors were reserved for special guests.

Happy family having fun while playing foosballHere are some tips you might consider in furnishing your family room:

1. Look for large or small tables, perhaps folded or stacked to allow you the opportunity to increase table space.
2. Ping Pong, pool, and air hockey games are a welcomed addition to this room. Of course, having the proper space is a requirement based on the type of game you select.
3. An entertainment center/media closet to house your TV, DVD, gaming consoles and music system is a must. Entertainment centers offer you a place for everything.
4. Comfort is KEY in the selection of your upholstered furniture pieces – weather shallow depth or cushy deep seats – it should fit your family’s lifestyle and be a welcome retreat.
5. A game table may also be an important addition to this room – be sure to allow for adequate lighting when you select it’s place in your room.

Since many great rooms center around a fireplace, be sure to arrange your furniture to “take in the view” and the warmth of this wonderful architectural feature. And how about changing your mantle accessories with the seasons? A grapevine wreath for the fall, Christmas candles and greenery for the holidays and a beautiful spring bouquet for the summer—which is upon us.

Careful planning of your family room is a must. Be sure to make a list of all the activities and functions that the room will encompass. Stunning Spaces – Decorating Den Interiors can help design your stunning new family room. We make the whole process of interior design/decorating easy for our clients by providing a wide variety of products to fit any budget. From order to installation, we do it all—making your dreams become reality.