Baldwin Turf Expands Services and Opens The Shop at Baldwin Turf


By Michelle Ruschman

Baldwin Turf GroupAfter eight years of working in the Manhattan fashion industry, Jenny Herndon, one of the co-owners of Baldwin Turf’s Lawn and Landscaping, is excited to be back home where she can enjoy the sunshine and beaches year-round again. “My brother and sister, Matthew, and Leigh Anna, have managed the landscaping side of our business for several years. With the opening of our retail store in November, it was the perfect time for me to join the family and use my merchandising background to help open the new store.”

Baldwin Turf was originally acquired by their father, Tim Herndon, and his partners in 2002 to service Niceville, Ft. Walton Beach and Destin. When the company first opened, the primary business was selling sod and offering minimal landscaping services. Now, 22 years later, Tim and Wynn’s three kids manage Baldwin Turf. They purchased Grass Roots Lawn & Landscape in 2020 and as a result, they’ve been able to expand their service area into Walton County. Their goal is to be a one-stop destination for all of our area’s outdoor needs. “When Baldwin Turf started, we were mainly providing materials to other landscaping companies. Now that we’ve grown, our focus is on full-service lawn care. We continue to offer sod, but now we also provide lawn and landscape maintenance, irrigation installation and repairs, landscaping installations, lawn and shrub care, and turf and landscape materials. Specialty fertilizers can also be purchased.”

Baldwin Turf’s client base is predominantly residential, but they do have a team that can handle commercial projects as well. “Leigh Anna manages the crew, the timing of all our jobs, and takes care of schedules. Matthew meets potential customers, assesses the work needed, and oversees the projects. We have a full-time head landscaper, truck driver, and customer specialist who helps with sales and operations. In the spring and summer, we also participate in the H-2B program which provides a great crew that does incredible work.”

Baldwin Turf Shop TablesThe newest addition to their business, The Shop at Baldwin Turf, offers botanical gifts, unique gardening supplies, ambient lighting and outdoor entertainment. The inventory of furniture has also been thoughtfully selected so that it’s durable and long-lasting, even with the bright sun and salty air, which can make outdoor furniture hard to maintain. The Herndon family grew up loving the outdoors and truly wants our community to enjoy it as much as they do. “We live in such an amazing place and want to help bring that to homes and businesses throughout our community. We want to help elevate your outdoor space and provide those final touches.”

As Jenny settles into her new role as the manager of Baldwin Turf’s retail division, she reflects on what makes this area so special to her and her family. “What I love most about coming back to Niceville is our sense of community. Being able to provide great customer service is my favorite part of the job. I’m getting to meet people and talk about their new homes and projects, and we get to be part of that. The Shop has only been open a few months and I can already see how special it is that people want to support local businesses and local businesses want to be there for people in this area. I’ve become involved with the Chamber of Commerce as well as The Young Professionals group. We enjoy sponsoring local youth activities and helping with charitable donations. Our community encourages all of us to step up.”

Baldwin Turf’s Lawn and Landscaping office is located at 1440 Live Oak Street. Call 850-897-9060 to schedule a free estimate or ask about their services. The Shop at Baldwin Turf is located at 739 John Sims Parkway.