Road to Redemption: Jose Aguilar


By Victoria Ostrosky

Our father Adam was placed in the Garden of Eden way back in the beginning to be its keeper. His job was to tend and protect the Garden, to ensure that everything was as it should be. He was the caretaker and guardian. Things have certainly changed over the last 6000 years since he took the fruit Eve offered him, plunging mankind into death and separation from God. But men, for the most part, retained that position of protector and provider throughout the ages.

However, over the past several decades in particular, masculinity has been attacked, and men have been made to feel that their God-given role is a thing of the distant past. Chivalry is not only dead, but women today act as if they don’t want to have anything to do with it. This direct lie of Satan has done irreparable damage to countless relationships, destroying families where trust has been eroded.

Jose AguilarJose Aguilar was born in Texas and in 2005, he and his family relocated to the Destin area. He didn’t know Jesus at the time, although his mom always encouraged him to attend church. His mom would admonish him and say that he needed to get his life aligned with Christ. But he dismissed her words. Never underestimate the power of a praying mother.

Fast forward to 2019, and Jose had married the love of his life. He always wanted a daughter, so when his wife became pregnant, they were very happy. Jose’s precious wife lost the baby and ended up suffering four miscarriages. And instead of grieving with her and encouraging her, something snapped in him. “I didn’t understand, and became really sour, and I stepped outside of my marriage.” He abandoned his role of protector and guardian when he allowed his own grief to take center stage. Two weeks later, a still, small voice told him to go back home. The voice said – “you’re going to find what you need if you go back home.” That’s when he and his wife discovered they were pregnant again. Even after Jose’s wife was six months along, he still couldn’t believe he would actually, finally, be a dad.

Jose finally reached a point where he said to God – “I give up.” And that’s when his life changed because that’s what God was waiting for Jose to say.

He and his wife began attending Destiny church, and after joining a small group, his wife finally discovered who her husband really was. God was doing work in his heart and changing him into the Godly husband and father his family so desperately needed.

“Sometimes men don’t know how much damage they’re doing to their wives. Only God can heal what was damaged. We must accept what we did wrong and choose to change our behavior.”

Now, Jose says, “I have no shame or guilt. I’ve been set free. There’s redemption and His name is Jesus.”

As God knows, when men accept the place of leadership in the home, watching over and protecting those under his care, relationships flourish, children are calmer and wives are content. When a wife knows her husband, though certainly not perfect, is dedicated to providing for and guarding her and her children, it changes people at their core level.

Jose now is privileged to be the father of not one daughter, but two. And God has blessed his business so that he is able to spend more time speaking to his customers about the wonderful things God has done for him.

“When God cleaned up my life, it made my children’s lives better. Now blessings are being passed down through the generations.” What God is doing in Jose’s life, He can do in yours.

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