Local Wellness Center, CRYO850, Raises the Bar…Again


High Performance Lab Completes a Wellness Trifecta

By Lori Leath Smith, Publisher

Your local wellness center, CRYO850, recently added a state-of-the-art Performance Lab to its already robust arsenal of offerings for local athletes, fitness professionals, military personnel, coaches, exercise enthusiasts and those, like me, simply wanting to keep their bodies as healthy and in shape as possible, while managing pain without drugs.

CRYO850 Performance and Recovery came to Destin in 2019 offering drug-free technology for healing and recovery. Though the name has a focus on cold, the center started with a line-up of Hyper-Wellness services including Red Light Therapy, Infrared Sauna, Vibration Plates and Compression Therapy. The concept quickly took off and local trainers, coaches, athletes and health care providers began not only using its services, but also recommending CRYO850 for adjunct therapy to enhance performance and expedite healing. People of all ages in our community found refuge for the management of pain and disease, post-surgery recovery, anti-aging, weight loss and skin care.

As the center grew, CRYO850 owner, Amy Milligan, saw a need to add new services to increase the offering. Pagani Muscle Recovery became popular for muscle relief and the Cocoon Sauna Pod for muscle relaxation, lymphatic drainage, circulation and weight loss. Esthetic services were added including a Cryo Facial and Pagani Detox Fat Freezing, an all-natural method of eliminating subcutaneous fat to cleanse the body of toxins and address stubborn areas such as the stomach, love handles, back, arms, neck and thighs.

Fast forward five years and CRYO850 Esthetics has grown into a stand-alone division. Through partnership with Pensacola-based WILD ICE Botanicals, CRYO850 Esthetics now offers a full line of facials using the organic, cold-kept skin care products to further help customers. “It’s been such a great partnership,” says WILD ICE Owner, Mila Bush. “We’ve collaborated to develop a full menu of services to serve our customers and grow our respective brands. The Collagen Enhancement Treatment and Collagen Reactivation Programs are local favorites,” says CRYO850 Esthetician, Hannah Hunter. “Students love the Teen Facial for acne and inflammation, and the Cinderella Facial is the tourists’ choice for beach photos and weddings.”

Alongside WILD ICE skin care, additional local brands on the CRYO850 retail shelves include HoneyMed, Earthquake Eddie Bee and Elite Spray Tan. CRYO850 also supports local businesses and organizations via pop ups, sponsorships and fundraisers. “From inception, CRYO850 has tapped into local communities,” says Destin Mayor, Bobby Wagner. “Everyone knows the name CRYO850.”

Cryo850 Student at ScreenMarch marked the five-year anniversary and the unveiling of yet a third division designed to meet our community’s needs. The long-awaited Performance Lab has now introduced Visionbody Wireless EMS Training and Reflexion Neuroscience Vision Training to Destin, further elevating the health and wellness center’s importance. EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation Training) is an efficient, non-weight bearing muscle development program. With adjustable stimulation, EMS works for all ages and levels of fitness with 20-minute sessions. EMS has several benefits for fitness beginners, athletes looking for a competitive edge and those with mobility issues. Strength, Fat Burning and Yoga Programs are available.

The Reflexion Vision Board is designed for cognitive training in a myriad of areas including hand-eye coordination, response time, peripheral awareness and focus. Users can customize programs and track progress. While vision training gives an athlete a competitive edge, it can also serve as a baseline to offer valuable insight if he or she takes a hard hit. “We are so excited to bring this brain-training technology to the center,” says Amy. “It’s an incredible tool for all ages. We are looking forward to working with the Neurodiverse Community and the military community for cognitive progress and healing,” she says.

Through education, community involvement and an unprecedented list of high-tech services, CRYO850 has made an undeniable impact on the health of our local community, growing and expanding to become THE local wellness spot and comprehensive body maintenance center. “On any given day, you’ll find community members from ages 12 to 82 sharing experiences and resources and offering advice and support to one another,” says Amy. With the traditional Hyper Wellness services combined with CRYO850 Esthetics and the new addition of the much-needed Performance Lab, CRYO850 has created a trifecta for comprehensive body maintenance. As this community of health and healing continues to grow, we can’t wait to see what they think of next!