J&B Medical Can Give You A Lift!


By Kelly Stalnaker

Falls within the home are the leading cause of hospital visits for older adults. But, there are tools and products available to help prevent falls and fall related injuries.

For example, Golden lift chairs help individuals with mobility issues to safely sit down or rise from a seated position. They look like a regular recliner, but have a motorized feature that lifts the chair up and tilts it forward for assistance into a standing position. Some models of the chairs are offered with the capability for micro-adjustments in the reclined and seated positions. This feature can help improve posture and allows for optimal comfort for the user. And with the elevated leg rest, it can improve circulation and reduce swelling. They even offer the ability to recline into the Trendelenburg position (elevating the feet and legs of the patient above the level of the heart).

JB Medical in stock chairs 3Golden lift chairs are luxurious, very practical and made by Americans in Philadelphia, Pa. If you or your loved one has a difficult time sitting down or rising to a standing position, a Golden lift chair could be a game changer for them to allow for more independence. They are super comfortable to sleep in, too, especially for an individual that might need elevation while sleeping.

At J&B Medical, we have Golden lift chairs available for sale and rent. A rental chair is perfect for someone just needing a little extra assistance during recovery from a surgery or injury. Stop by and check out all of the chairs we have in stock. We also carry Golden scooters that you can take with you anywhere you go! Currently, we have several in stock and on sale and we offer FREE local delivery!