Congratulations Bluewater Bay Community!


By Barbara Palmgren

I have followed this journey of dedication to the 150 acres of greenspace in this unique community throughout the past year, attending community meetings and listening to comments from hundreds of people—all with the same voice. The greenspace must be saved for future generations.

Congratulations to both the leadership and members of Preserve Bluewater Bay, Inc. (PBWB), a non-profit IRS 501(c)(3). You have purchased 150 acres for $2.3 Million, on May 31, 2024, to be set aside for recreation. This land is embedded in Bluewater Bay and is commonly referred to as the Bay/Marsh Golf Course and the old Lake Golf Course Holes 1, 2, 3 and 9.

Blue Heron adult and babies close-up profile view on the nest, displaying their blue plumage feathers, wings, beak, eye, long legs with a blue sky background.  Heron Picture.The leadership started with a meeting of 17 concerned BWB residents after being notified of the golf course closure and the intent of Bluewater Development Venture, LLC (BBDV) to develop the land. PBWB began its purchase efforts with a community meeting. That meeting resulted in 60 residents putting up $5,000 a piece to lease the property and provide seed money, and five volunteers willing to form a corporation to enter into a two-year Lease-to-Purchase Agreement, March 1, 2022, with BBDV. PBWB, Inc., had only one primary goal: “Purchase the land for BWB Resident Recreation.” Contrary to public opinion, it was not about keeping the golf course open.

So, what happens next? During this whole process, the Board of Directors, sometimes referred to as the “FAB – 5,” kept the golf course open and raised the money to purchase the land. From here on, the land will be community owned and managed. To meet the goal of community involvement, the PBWB Board is in the process of revising its current By-Laws and Operating Agreements. The Board is currently looking for community volunteers to serve in a variety of capacities. Please contact David Rauch, President of PBB Inc. at 850-865-0897 to be part of this exciting journey for the Bluewater Bay community.

The leadership has asked that many people have to be thanked—All of the Initial Donors, Capital Campaign Pledge Donors, Sliver Buyers, Campaign Volunteers, Golf Course Members, and the Homeowners and Property Owners Association Gold Card Communities who never faltered and worked hard to accomplish this goal.

It has been said many times before, “It takes a village to raise a child.” In this case it took an army of volunteers and benefactors. CONGRATULATIONS, BLUEWATER BAY! YOU DID IT!